Central Receive Systems

CodeRunner 4
Analog / Digital Central Receiver

New Features!Ideal for news operations implementing the 2 GHz BAS Channel PlansNew “BAS Ready” supporting new 12 MHz and current 17 MHz channel plansAdaptable Menu System for current and new BAS channel plansRemote control of video deviationUpgradable to digital with new MRX4000 Decoder and DemodulatorHD/SDI ASI CompatibleApplicationsCentral receive system for digital and/or analog electronic news gathering operationsIdeal for news operations facing narrower channelsDesigned to support a wide range of application-specific central receive antenna systems for MRC’s steerable, sectorized, or omnidirectional antennas.FeaturesCompanion receiver to the CodeRunner 2 analog/digital transmitterOperates in 2 GHz, 7 GHz, or 13 GHz bands with multiple band operation possibleNTSC/PAL Audio/Video demodulation with four field upgradable frequency agile audio subcarriersCOFDM, QPSK and 16 QAM auxiliary IF outputs from external modulatorsSupports MRC’s wide range of steerable, sectorized, and omni-directional antennasElectronic display and control of all system operating parametersMenu System provides custom channel plans for future channel bandwidth changesSelectable IF operating bandwidths  

The CodeRunner 4 combines the features of a high performance analog and digital central receiver. Like the CodeRunner 2, the radio can be upgraded from legacy NTSC/PAL to a digital receiver capable for accepting COFDM, QPSK, or 16QAM modulation. The receiver can be locally or remotely switched between analog or digital operation.MRC has engineered the CodeRunner 4 to meet the demands of future bandwidth requirements and frequency stability with the following design features:For enhanced adjacent channel rejection, modulation and channel plan specific bandpass filters for superior receiver selectivity and adjacent channel performance with optional 10 MHz SAW FilterUtilizes synthesizer technology developed for the DAR and TwinStream digital systemsOptimized baseband circuits with video lowpass filterProprietary narrow band subcarrier receiver optimized for successful analog FM operations in narrower RF bandsUltra-low phase noise sources, with unprecedented stability and qualityProprietary implementation of MRC’s extremely stable, low-noise oscillator technologyRF chain operating center frequencies are field upgradeable to potential new RF frequency band plansThe CodeRunner 4 menu system reports operating parameters and system conditions on multiple line front panel display. To meet future bandwidth requirements, you can now create custom channel plans using the new Channel Plan Menu.CodeRunner 4 provides seamless integration with the MRC 2000 Steerable or Sectorized Controller along MRC’s array of steerable, sectorized, and omnidirectional antennas. 

Quick Track
Portable GPS Auto Tracking Receive Antenna

Homeland Security
Government and Law Enforcement
High-Security SurveillanceBroadcast ENG and OB
Continuous rotation
Portable with Quick-connect features for easy setup and breakdown
Available Bands:
– 2/2.5 GHz
– 2.3 to 2.7GHz
– 4.4 to 5.0 GHz
– 2/7 GHzDigital Ready 4/2 or 7/2 GHz Block Down Converter (Other frequencies available upon request)Optional Omni-directional/Uplook antennas for close-in operationRemote Control using Quick Track AccuScan SoftwareAutomatic longitude, latitude, and Elevation calibration for ease of system initializationIntegrated high accuracy Global Positioning System (GPS) using Wide Area Augmented Surface (WAAS)Compatibility
CodeRunner 4 Central Receiver
RXL Digital Receiver
AccuScan Remote Control System
Omni-Directional or Uplook Antennas  


The MRC Quick Track is MRC’s first portable rapid deployment receive antenna system. It can be set up and fully operational in minutes due to it’s advanced automatic GPS Wide Area Augmented Surface (WAAS) calibration process.The Quick Track provides a mobile receive system capability and is ideally suited for Homeland Security, First Responder Search and Rescue Operations, Tactical Military Operations, and Broadcast ENG and OB applications where ease of use and portability are paramount.The system features a high gain, off-set fed low profile antenna that scans in both azimuth (continuous rotation) and elevation using GPS data to align and automatically track its intended signal source. The system is typically used for tracking terrestrial mobile or airborne vehicles equipped with GPS data transmission capability.Quick Track is available for 2, 5, and 7 GHz operation and can be configured for dual band receive applications at 2/5 GHz and 2/7 GHz.The system also features an optional remotely selectable omni-directional or uplook antenna for extremely close-in tracking operations. A heavy-duty tripod is typically used as the Quick Tracks support structure, although the pan and tilt pedestal can easily be adapted in other mounting scenarios.Remote control and monitoring of the system is provided by the AccuScan Quick Track software. The software is loaded onto a customer supplied PC and be either locally or remotely controlled by means of any RS-232 communications link in combination with an AccuSc

AccuScan II Master Controller
Master Antenna Control Software

The AccuScan II Master and Slave Remote Control System provides remote control of MRC digital ENG receivers, IRDs and central receive antenna systems by means of dialup, 2-wire, or 4-wire dedicated communications circuits. The system is able to simultaneously communicate with up to four separate remote sites. Each remote site can support up to two collocated steerable antenna and ENG receiver/IRD systems.

The AccuScan II includes many new features, specifically incorporated to enhance the remote control and monitoring of modern day digital ENG receive systems. It is compatible with all MRC central ENG receive systems such as the ProScan II, ProScan III, UltraScan II, Ellipse, MicroScan II, and wide variety of SectorScan antenna systems:

ProScan III
Central Receive Antenna

The ProScan III is a new advanced design featuring a full 360 degree rotating reflector in a compact enclosure. The ProScan III offers significant wind load reduction over the ProScan II. For maintenance and calibration, a front access door provides easy access. Or, the front of the enclosure can be removed for added access space.

The ProScan III’s broadband design covers 2/2.5, 6/7, 13 & 14 GHz bands with appropriate block down converters. A “digital ready option” is available for the 7GHz band.

The antenna provides a solid state switching feed and optical encoders to eliminate conventional potentiometers. The antenna features the latest PCS/MMDS filter protection with high dynamic range LNA and filter.

The ProScan III is design to integrate with the CodeRunner 4 Receiver, MRC 2000 Antenna Controller, and the Master Control Software. With this configuration, the ProScan III provides real-time diagnostic troubleshooting to the master controller.