Military & Tactical Systems

The leading producer of portable microwave products, MRC provides solutions for rapidly establishing communications across difficult terrain.

15 GHz Tropo/Satellite Support Radio System

THE MRC TSSR is a complete lightweight line-of-sight microwave radio system that can be quickly set up to interconnect TRI-TAC equipment and GMF satellite terminals. The TSSR link can be interfaced with or substituted for cable links employing modems, such as the MD-1026, or for the AN/TAC-1 fiber optic system.

The MRC TSSR radio can carry digital traffic with a 3 Vp-p conditioned diphase waveform as described in the TRI-TAC ICD or the TSSR specification, ranging from 0.072 to 4.608 Mbps. It supports an analog or digital order wire interchangeably. Alternatively, it can carry a 6.144 Mbps pseudo NRZ signal when operating with the AN/TAC-1 fiberoptic system.

In addition, the MRC TSSR also can be employed with the TSSR DR-MUX to interconnect up to four commercial T1 (1.544 Mbps) signals. The MRC TSSR is easy to configure for video radio applications as well.

Satellite Systems for Military Applications

MRC and Advent have teamed up to offer world-class satellite solutions for a diverse range of SNG and DSNG applications. As partners, we can provide flyaway and ENG truck mounted antenna systems including encoders, upconverters, and antenna controllers. Look to MRC for totally integrated portable and mobile satellite solutions.