Portable Systems

The leading producer of portable microwave products, MRC provides both analog and digital solutions forTV pick-up, outside broadcast, airborne, and mobile applications.


2GHz TXU Transmitter Units
3-13GHz TXU Transmitter Units
2GHz HPU High Power Units
Transmitter Control Units

2 GHz TCU Transmitter Control Units

2-13GHz RXU Receiver Units
Receiver Control Units

Additional Portable Products

  • GPS Auto Pod
    Sectorized Pod Antenna/Transmitter with GPS Central Receive Tracking System for Airborne Systems
  • QuikVue
    Wireless Receive Systems
  • MDR-2 2/5 GHz Portable Diversity Receiver
  • SCM4000 Single Carrier Modem
  • RXL MPEG/COFDM Digital Receiver
  • RXL-IRD MPEG/COFDM Digital Integrated Receiver
    & Decoder (IRD)
  • RXL-HS Portable Digital Receiver
  • L2000 Receiver Integrated Diversity Receiver & Decoder
    with Ultra Low Delay Mode
  • L3020 Downconverter -Downconverter for Diversity Receive Systems
  • Suitcase Transmitter High Power Suitcase Transmit System
  • Link XP HD Transmitter Camera Mounted HD Transmitter
  • Link XP Wireless Camera System